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GFDD Production Value of Life Finalist at the Blue Ocean Film Festival 2016

October 31, 2016

Value of Life, Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) latest production, has been chosen by an international jury as a finalist, together with other 5 films, in the category of Short Productions. This category honors the best short films between 5 and 20 minutes in length that are “engaging, creative and empowering”, according to the organizers.  Furthermore, it is Natasha Despotovic´s, the Executive Director of GFDD and DREFF, third year as a judge; in this edition for the category of Cinematography. As collaborators and friends Blue Ocean Film Festival, Despotovic, and other members of the staff will attend the event to take place November 10 to 17 in Tampa Bay/ St. Petersburg.

For the second time a GFDD production is chosen as a finalist film by the Blue Ocean Film Festival. In 2014, Garbage or Resource?A Dominican Republic Experience was a finalist in the category of Foreign Language Film; this year Value of Life has been selected, among more than 300 films, in the Shorts Program Category.
For the director of both productions, Natasha Despotovic this is her third year as a judge: in 2012 she was part of the Jury in the Foreign Language Category, in 2014 in the Ocean Sports and this year in the category of Cinematography.

The Festival will take place in Tampa Bay/ St. Petersburg, November 10 to 17, to praise ocean filmmaking, to learn more about the issues facing our oceans, and to collaborate on improving the future of our oceans and humanity. The seven-day event is charged with energy as these diverse groups of people sharing knowledge and ideas with each other and with the general public.

The BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit 2016 is an event celebrated every two years in the United States and in the odd years in Monaco, where ocean leaders, filmmakers, photographers, scientists, explorers, entertainment executives and the general public gather to honor the best in ocean filmmaking.

About Value of Life
Historically, little value is placed on natural capital when looking at growth equations and socioeconomic development. It is difficult for big businesses, and more so for ordinary people, to quantify the significance of natural resources and make the value of nature tangible in our daily lives. The production responds to those questions: How much is the natural capital of the Dominican Republic worth? How do we put a price on the ecosystem the planet has given us and that allows us to survive?

About GFDD Short Productions
The program seeks to highlight and raise awareness of important local environmental and socio-economic issues, showcase best practices, and educate audiences on the different and unique cultural aspects of the country, as well as to serve as an example and inspiration for young filmmakers on how to address this incipient field in the Dominican Republic.

SHORTS PROGRAM: Between 5 – 20 minutes

Finalist Films
26 Years and Counting
Producers: JJ Kelley, Ben Clark, Josh Thomas

Tsunami Tuna: Free Billy
Creators: Jim Wilkie and Daryl Wilcher

In Pursuit of Plastics
Producers: Katie Jewett, Gianna Savoie, and Jeff Reed, Ocean Media Institute

Souls of the Vemilion Sea: Searching for the Vaquita
Producers: Matthew Podolsky and Sean Bogle, Wild Lens

Thailand’s Seafood Slaves
Producer: Environmental Justice Foundation

Value of Life
Producer: Natasha Despotovic

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