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The Mexican Sunú, DREFF Audience Award 2016

October 30, 2016

Santo Domingo – The Mexican film Sunú, directed by Teresa Camou, rose to the top this year as winner of the DREFF Audience Award from among more than 40 films and 140 screenings. Seen through the eyes of small, medium, and large Mexican maize producers, Sunú weaves different stories in a threatened rural world.

The movie travels deep into the heart of a country where people discover their determination to stay free, work the land and cultivate their seeds, and stay loyal to their cultures and forms of spirituality in a modern world that both needs them and looks down on them. Sunú reveals how maize – and all that sustains life – could be lost forever, sharing a tapestry of simple and sincere messages for farmers around the world and the city residents who could lose the capacity to make important decisions unless they act soon.

Congratulations to the whole team!

About the director
Born and raised in México, Teresa has always considered herself a puppeteer, which she discovered to be her passion. After earning a bachelor’s in Visual Arts and Social Science at Bennington College in 2004, she went on to found and lead the Sierra Tarahumara Indigenous Theater. Along with her work in theater, Teresa began to make on-site, documentary shorts about issues related to Tarahumara communities and filmed two stop-motion animations: Tewe Chiva Nesero (2007) and El Entierro (2008). She has recently produced and directed her first feature film, Sunú (2015), a documentary about the struggle of Mexican farmers to keep their native seeds. Teresa is now working on her second documentary feature. She was special guest at DREFF 2016.

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