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GFDD Commemorates Earth Day in the National Botanical Garden with more than 200 High School Students

April 25, 2017

Santo Domingo – On April 23, to commemorate Earth Day, more than 200 students from schools in Santo Domingo participated in screenings of the documentaries “10 Billion, What’s on Your Plate,” by Director Valentin Thurn, and “The True Cost,” by Andrew Morgan, within the Year Round Environmental Film Screenings Program of the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF). 

As part of the requirement to complete 60 hours of social work to obtain their High School diploma, students from the Liceo Rosario Evangelina enjoyed the documentary “10 Billion, What’s on Your Plate”, which speaks about population growth towards the year 2050 and the debate about food security, addressing the range of the production and worldwide distribution of food: from artificial meat, insects and industrial agriculture to the trend of cultivating crops at home.  

Youngsters from the Liceo Costa Rica, for their part, enjoyed the film “The True Cost” a story about clothes: the clothing that we wear, the people that make it and the impact that the industry has had on the planet, in that way showing the “uncomfortable side” of the fashion industry.

The setting was shared by Green Fest, organized by the Embassy of the United States in the Dominican Republic, where organizations from the environmental and sustainable development sector gathered.  

This festival has taken place for 6 consecutive years on the occasion of International Earth Day: the National Botanical Garden opens its doors to artisans, NGOs and experts from the environmental sector to support the importance of the preservation of the planet with artistic, cultural and educational activities.

“The Year Round Environmental Film Screenings Program of the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival offers the opportunity to educational centers and sociocultural institutions to enjoy screenings about environmental issues that have been shown in previous editions of the Festival,” explained Environmental Programs Coordinator of GFDD in the Dominican Republic, Omar Shamir Reynoso.

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