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Over 300 Students Attend Environmental Film Screenings at Colegio Dominico Americano Commemorating World Water Day

March 24, 2017

Santo Domingo – To raise awareness for World Water Day, the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF) held a screening of environmental documentaries and shorts at Colegio Dominico Americano on the morning of March 23, 2017.

Students from the school had the unique chance of watching films about environmental issues and thinking about good, sustainable environmental practices.

The event was coordinated by Oswaldo Vázquez, member of ATEMAR and of the DREFF National Committe, who encouraged students to not waste water, to think carefully about overconsumption, and to practice environmental sustainability at home.

Among the films presented was “The Change,” “Travesí,” and GFDD production “Basura o Recurso: a Dominican Republic Experiece,” as well ase the Oscar winning documentary “Racing Extinction.”

The screening was held in the school’s auditorium, where more than 300 students and school staff members went to watch the films.

The screening was part of DREFF’s efforts to reach more communities, institutions and individuals around the country, and provide the opportunity to bring successful film programs to new and remote communities. DREFF offers insights into attitudes and actions that will contribute to the protection and conservation of natural resources, and promotes awareness on the importance of sustainable development in the Dominican Republic and abroad.

Since 2011 GFDD has created and developed many interesting initiatives to promote sustainable development and environmental awareness, including: Eco-Huertos, Globo Verde Dominicano, ReCrearte, Year Round Environmental Film Screenings, RDescubre, among others.

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