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Colonial Gate 4D Cinema Mar Vivo Photo Exhibition

September 14, 2016

By writer/photographer Guillermo Ricart, sponsored by INICIA

Santo Domingo – The photo exhibit Mar Vivo (Living Sea) by writer/photographer Guillermo Ricart, was inaugurated on Wednesday September 14 in the Colonial Gate 4D Cinema as part of the sixth Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF). It will be open to the public for two weeks.

María Victoria Abreu, DREFF Director of Programming, opened the event with words of welcome and thanked the venue as well as INICIA for their confidence in the DREFF and the support they have provided in promoting marine biodiversity in our country.

In addition to Mr. Ricart, Campos de Moya, vice president of Communications and Institutional Relations for INICIA and Cristóbal Justiniano, owner of the Colonial Gate 4D Cinema, were also present as guests of DREFF.

Guillermo Ricart explained that the marine diversity he saw the first time he dived impressed him so much that he had to do something to show to more people. “I welcome this opportunity to reach a wider audience with this exhibition.”

Mr. De Moya also offered a few words about the project and what it means for INICIA to contribute to sustainable development. “For us, this is essential. And we thank the DREFF for enabling us collaborate and show these beautiful photographs to the public attending the Film Festival.”

Mr. Justiniano spoke to those present and thanked them for “having chosen this place to host this beautiful exhibition.”

Following the opening ceremony, the audience saw a video summary of the Mar Vivo initiative, done by Ricart, which delighted everyone.

Mar Vivo shows some of the photographs in the book by the same name. The work is one of the most detailed and thorough iconographic assessments of the Dominican reefs. His photos capture stunning examples of the extraordinary marine fauna that resides along the Dominican coast and beyond.

About the author
Guillermo Ricart, fron Santo Domingo, is a civil engineer by profession who, since his youth, has loved photography, wildlife and marine life. He started to dive in November 2012 and has never done it again without his camera in hand. He has had the privilege to photograph deep-sea beds of well-known diving areas and the not so well-known places in the Dominican Republic, as well as marine life in Los Jardines de La Reina in Cuba, Cozumel, Akumal and Isla de Mujeres in Mexico. Recently he toured Banco de La Plata, where he saw the movement of the marvellous humpback whales.

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