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The National Botanic Garden celebrates its 40th anniversary with DREFF

August 23, 2016

Santo Domingo – The National Botanic Garden Dr. Rafael M. Moscoso (JBN) of Santo Domingo, scheduled a week of activities, from August 14 for the celebration of its 40th anniversary. GFDD / Funglode and DREFF participated in this festive week, through its Year Round Environmental Film Screenings program, with the shorts 7 Grams, Globo Verde Dominicano Award 2015, The Change, and Garbage or Resource? A Dominican Republic Experience -a production of GFDD / Funglode- and the documentary Diarios del fin del mundo.

At the opening ceremony of the weeklong celebration, Luis Carrasco, Head of the Planning Department, welcomed the more than 190 students present and urged participants to implement the concepts raised in the different productions screened.

During the anniversary week, JBN developed various cultural and educational activities highlighting the environmental films, a main part of the celebration, aiming to raise awareness and deepen issues related to environmental protection and sustainable development in the country and the world.

Students from the University UFHEC San Pedro had the opportunity to learn about the various environmental initiatives of GFDD and the Dominican Environmental Film Festival.

The Year Round Environmental Film Screenings program provides an opportunity for schools, community centers, businesses, government institutions and NGOs to enjoy the most interesting productions on environmental issues that have been shown in previous editions of the Festival for free.

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