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Dozens of Students Celebrate International Day of Forests with DREFF and the National Botanical Garden

March 22, 2017

Santo Domingo – Dozens of students from the educational centers, the Center of General and Service Studies (CEGES, for its acronym in Spanish) and the Capotillo Educational Center of Santo Domingo commemorated the International Day of Forests at the National Botanical Garden (JBN, for its acronym in Spanish) in an activity planned by the Dominican Agroecological Society with the purpose of strengthening and developing knowledge about the environment among children from vulnerable communities. In association with DREFF’s Year Round Environmental Film Screenings program, the education hall of JBN hosted a screening of the documentary Planeta Océano, which shows a different vision of the ocean, with the intention of explaining the mysteries of the planet in a simple way.

To celebrate forests, JBN developed diverse educational activities, among them this environmental film screening, with the objective of offering knowledge and a deeper understanding about environmental awareness and sustainable development among nearly 100 young people who attended the event.

The Year Round Environmental Film Screenings program provides opportunities to bring successful film programs to new and remote communities. By showing a diverse selection of quality films on critical environmental issues and organizing discussions and workshops, the year-round film screenings seek to foster and inspire dialogue, raise awareness and promote sustainable practices.

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