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David Verástegui presents the EcoFilm shorts program for students at the Genios del Futuro Education Center

September 16, 2016

The event, held in the Dominican Republic Children’s and Youths’ Library, is part of the programming for this year’s DREFF

Santo Domingo – Within the framework of the 6th Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF), David Verástegui, coordinator of EcoFilm, presented the kids’ shorts program to students of the Genios del Futuro Education Center.

During the event, held in the auditorium of the Dominican Republic Children’s and Youths’ Library (BIJRD, for its initials in Spanish), the children were able to enjoy screenings of the short films PETer Plástico, Travesía, Bienvenido a la tierra, El agua de la tierra, and Donde vive Jobito.

At the end of the screening of the shorts, Verástegui asked the students what they would do to protect the environment. Their answers prompted a lively back-and-forth.

“I hope they can keep watching shorts like these and investigating on environmental subjects so their knowledge can change the world,” said the education professional.

Triana Aybar, as DREFF representative to the event, thanked the BIJRD for welcoming the Festival at its facilities. She also thanked Verástegui “for bringing shorts that offer messages that raise consciousness to conserve the environment.”

Bertha Santana, coordinator of DREFF’s ReCrearte program, held a Q&A where the students discussed all they had learned during the event.

Student Yaribel Martínez expressed thanks on behalf of her classmates for the event,  which she called motivational in terms of caring for the environment and natural resources.

About the shorts

PETer Plástico/PETer Plastic
PETer Plastik discovers the advantages and disadvantages of using plastic.

A trip through history reveals enormous climatic changes. Human beings contribute to speeding these changes up, devastating the planet.

Bienvenido a la tierra/Welcome to Earth
Welcome to Earth is a trip through a planet made of cardboard that works in perfect equilibrium. Human beings arrive to this planet with their great ideas and capacity to control energy, but their consumption gets out of control. What can be done to get back to equilibrium?

El agua de la tierra/The Water of the Land
A small narrative the seeks to transmit a clear and simple message: Our way of life as a society is seriously affecting our planet and endangering our natural resources for the generations to come.

Donde vive Jobito/Where Jobito Lives
Jobito can no longer play outside due to the effects of his neighbors’ poor use of resources and energy: from littering and misusing electricity to using nonrenewable resources and wasting water, his neighbors are slowly putting an end to the fun. But then Job gets an idea!

Since its creation in 2011, the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival has offered the Dominican public a platform for knowledge and debate on environmental issues and sustainable development, as well as related challenges and best practices, while celebrating the unique beauty and natural wealth of the Dominican Republic. With a varied selection of documentaries and numerous debate panels, workshops, seminars, and community activities, DREFF promotes dialogue and exchange of knowledge and experiences with the aim of motivating Dominicans to take action to support the appreciation, conservation, and sustainable use of natural resources. /
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