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How To Be Guardians of the Water: Las Aventuras de Itzel y Sonia Comes to Kids in Constanza

September 14, 2016

Constanza – DREFF has had the opportunity to screen the film Las Aventuras de Itzel y Sonia en Busca de los Guardianes de Agua, directed by María Fernanda Rivero, at the Fundación Casa de la Cultura de Constanza Incorporada in the town of Constanza, La Vega, Dominican Republic.

The event was attended by approximately 110 boys and girls from 10 different schools, with participants enjoying an exciting and active exchange with Ana María Lugo, representative of the Dominican Ministry of the Environment, who also took part in the event. After the screening a discussion was held on ways to care for our water supplies and the environment, with particular emphasis on the importance of each child being an activist to protect our natural resources.

José Ramón Peralta, Cultural Director of the Fundación where the screening was held, praised the activity as splendid and successful, and admitted his surprise at the level of participation and curiosity amongst the children.

The event was also attended by notable figures such as the Attorney General for the Environment, Mr. Fernando Quezada; Director of the Fundación, Mimelfis Batista; and the Constanza Vice-Mayor, who also serves as Cultural Advisor to the Fundación, Evelyn de los Santos de Durán.

The film tells the story of a time when all the water runs out in a Mexican city, whereupon Itzel and her inseparable friend, the frog Sonia, with the help of Itzel’s grandmother, leave in search of the Guardians of the Water. This film was made with the help of 10 communities in the Mexican Republic, who assisted in creating the story and its endearing characters.

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