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18 Students from All Over the Country Complete the Successful Workshop Globo Verde Dominicano Lab 2017 in Santo Domingo

March 20, 2017


A total of 18 students from all over the country attended the 2017 edition of the workshop Globo Verde Dominicano Lab, a project sponsored by the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF) in Santo Domingo. The workshop “From Idea to Screen: How to Make Environmental Documentaries”, taught by the  Mexican professor currently residing in the United States, Gabriel Romero, took place at Funglode’s facilities in the capital of the Dominican Republic. 

Romero worked personally with each participant to develop their short film ideas, design main characters, write the script, choose a technical team and plan and prepare content. The projects completed on time will be sent to the Globo Verde Dominicano contest. 

The students, during five days, learned about all the stages of production of a documentary film: from the pre-production of a documentary, to raising funds to develop a film, to distributing it internationally. 

During 5 days the students also reviewed case studies of successful cinematographic productions. 

In addition, Reydi Moreta, in charge of Social Media and Promotion of GFDD in the Dominican Republic, gave the participants a full immersion on the Globo Verde Dominicano Award. The contest aims to motivate the Dominican youth to produce audiovisual material that generates awareness on the importance of the environment and sustainable development and, at the same time, broadcast the winning productions to national and international audience to increase the visibility of the film industry focused on the area of ​​environment. 


Documentary director and Professor, Gabriel Romero has over 15 years of visual communications experience with an emphasis in photography and film. He has a David Lynch MA in film from Maharishi University of Management, where he has spent the last eight years teaching media and communication courses. He is director and producer of The Broken Cycle, a 30-minute documentary film that illustrates healthy soil as a fundamental element of life on earth, and the vital role that it plays in global climate change, as seen through the eyes of family farmers, scientists and environmental activists. He is also the cinematographer for The Last Man Standing. Gabriel has a big passion for filmmaking and a great love for sustainability and he strives to live and work with conscientious choices that create balance in his every day environment. 

After the workshop, Romero celebrated the work and determination of the participants and stressed the talent of young Dominicans. “It was a great pleasure for me to work in the workshop Globo Verde Dominicano Lab. The participants were pleasant, respectful, creative and very hardworking.” The filmmaker explained that during the workshop each student developed their personal projects, while growing both at a personal and artistic level. “As a professional experience I am satisfied with the participation of the group and I think they will come with great ideas and projects for the DREFF.” 


Francisco Cartagena, Coordinator of PROTEGELAS, Civil Movement for the Protection of Women: “This workshop totally surpassed my expectations, both for the concepts learned and the techniques used, and the masterful management of the instructor. I was struck by the structure of the sales pitch of the project, as well as the tools we can use to determine how feasible a project is, in addition to each of the exercises performed. For each of the themes proposed I received feedbacks that I am already putting into practice to bring a better audiovisual product to the public, and that generate a change in favor of the environment. I am particularly grateful to GFDD and Funglode and especially the organizers for giving us the opportunity to benefit from this meeting. ” 

Andrickson Carvajal: “I am very satisfied with the knowledge acquired in this workshop, which reinforces those previously acquired from experience and other studies. I am grateful to GFDD and Funglode for the successful initiative to strengthen our knowledge in the area of ​​production of short films and documentaries, so that we can present a quality proposal in the next Globo Verde Dominicano contest; for putting at our disposal adequate facilities, tools and trained staff. Our instructor demonstrated with great skill the art of transmitting knowledge by making this workshop light and interactive. “

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