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120 Kids from the New Horizons School Learn about the Environment with Music and Animation from Brazilian Film The Boy & the World

September 18, 2016

Santo Domingo – The Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF) is notable for its educational commitment to children and young people, having allied with a large number of primary and secondary schools and universities not only during the Festival itself but also with screenings throughout the year. Among these allies is the bilingual school New Horizons, which hosted a screening of the animated film The Boy & the World this past September 16.

DREFF programming director María Victoria Abreu offered the words of welcome alongside Ivonne Guzmán and Desiree Mariñez, representing the educational institution. The Oscar-nominated feature was presented in the school auditorium to 120 children ages 10 and 11 by Gustavo Kurlat, composer of the film’s soundtrack, who after the screening led a dynamic Q&A session.

The exchange between Kurlat and the children, who remained attentive throughout the entirety of the long, dialogue-free film, proved quite interesting. The students expressed their feelings and reactions prompted by the movie’s music and animation.

The film tells the story of a boy who, suffering from the absence of his father, leaves his town and discovers a fantastic world run by machine-animals and other strange creatures. The extraordinary animated adventure uses various artistic techniques to portray the problems of the modern world through the eyes of a child.

At the end of the screening the School’s staff all expressed their great delight with the Festival and the guests who have participated in the screenings.

Since its creation in 2011, the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival has offered the Dominican public a platform for knowledge and debate on environmental issues and sustainable development, as well as related challenges and best practices, while celebrating the unique beauty and natural wealth of the Dominican Republic. With a varied selection of films and numerous panels, workshops, seminars, and community activities, DREFF promotes dialogue and exchange of knowledge and experiences, inspiring the Dominican public to adopt actions to contribute to the appreciation, conservation, and sustainable use of environmental resources. /
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