September 4-8, 2013

DREFF Screens Eco-Films at III Edition of the International Autodidactic Photography Festival in Cuba

Holguín, Cuba, May 9, 2014

The Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF) participated with the III Edition of the International Autodidactic Photography Festival in the province of Holguín, Cuba May 3-9, 2014 under the title; "Human Species' Impact on the Environment". | Read More >

Lucy Walker

Lucy Walker is a two-time Academy Award nominated British film director, whose films have won over fifty awards. On January 25, 2011 she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature for Waste Land, which she directed. The film has won over thirty awards including Audience...

Jon Bowermaster

Jon Bowermaster is not only a reputed oceans expert, but also an award-winning journalist for National Geographic Magazine, author, filmmaker, and world adventurer having travelled to around 80 countries to date. His explorations include dogsled travels in ... the Arctic, Antarctica

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Yann Arthus-Bertrand, of French origin, is a well-known photographer, journalist, reporter and environmentalist. He has always been passionate about the animal world and natural environment. He contributed to several prestigious magazines such as National Geographic and Life.

Dominican Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Environment Exhibit

Biblioteca Infantil y Juvenil República Dominicana
September 3-30, 2013

The sixty-six panels, on display until the end of September, provide basic knowledge on the Dominican Republic’s unique landscape as well as tips on how to protect and conserve our country’s natural beauty. All will learn from this exhibition although it seeks to inspire and motivate young people. The Exhibition, inspired by the book of the same name, is part of GFDD/FUNGLODE’s goal to raise awareness about Dominican culture, disseminate information about the country and strengthen appreciation of our unique ecology and biodiversity. It also provides an invaluable opportunity for students and visitors to take advantage of this educational experience in the hope of broadening all of our horizons and fostering a sense of national pride in the conservation of our nation’s natural wealth.

Two visions, one world

September 4-8, 2013

The exhibition of Dominican conservationist photographers, José Alejandro Álvarez and Eladio Fernández will transport viewers from the highest mountaintops to the depths of the ocean. These two outstanding photographers have traveled far and wide to explore not just the Caribbean islands, but the world’s seas and oceans in search of the perfect image from behind their camera lens. This photographic journey showcases only a fraction of the immense wealth that surrounds us but it stresses an important point: we must conserve it.

Recycled Art Exhibit - ReCrearte Program

September 8, 2013

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