September 4-8, 2013

Panel / Discussion Session

Otter 501

Friday, September 6th at 10:00 AM Santo Domingo, FUNGLODE

Topic of panel:

Why Save Endangered Species?


Say “cheese” mother earth! - Nature Photography

Friday, September 6th at 4:00 pm Santo Domingo, FUNGLODE


Go Wild with GoPro!

Saturday, September 7th at 4:00 pm Santo Domingo, FUNGLODE

Panel / Discussion Session

Globo Verde Dominicano Award

Saturday, September 7 at 8 PM Santo Domingo, FUNGLODE

Topic of panel:

Environmental film: An Effective Tool for Eco Education

Community Activities

  • Reforestation Activity
    Province: Monte Plata

    Reforestation Activity

    Sunday, September 8th, 8:00 am
    Province: Monte Plata

    Reforestation is an important component of the cycle of growing, harvesting, and regenerating our environment. Since we are fully aware that the Dominican Republic Film Festival will inevitably generate greenhouse gas emissions; we think it is important to provide guests, volunteers and staff members and opportunity to mitigate emissions by restoring and recreating areas of woodlands.

    Therefore on Sunday, September 8th, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, we will plant trees in degraded farm lands of Monte Plata, one of the 31 provinces of the country, located one hour north of Santo Domingo. This activity symbolizes the spirit of the Film Festival, which is to preserve our environment and to be conscious of the impact our activities generate on our natural surroundings.

  • Beach Cleanup
    Guibia Beach, Santo Domingo

    Beach Cleanup

    Wednesday, September 4th, 8:00 am
    Guibia Beach, Santo Domingo

    Awareness of the environment, its protection and conservation, as well as the benefits its beauty and enjoyment provide humans beings form the core objectives of the Dominican Environmental Film Festival. In keeping with these objectives, each year’s Festival has integrated an initiative to mobilize young people and community leaders in a beach cleanup project, making us part of the Annual International Coastal Cleanup Day undertaken in the DR by the Vida Azul Foundation.

    The first beach cleanup day at the first Environmental Film Festival in 2011, took place when a group of students and community leaders from La Caleta - in collaboration with Vida Azul and support from the Deputy Ministry of Coastal and Marine Resources – collected garbage from Montesinos Beach in Santo Domingo. At the second Festival in 2012, the cleanup was done in Guibia Beach. In both cases, part of the garbage collected (mostly plastic) was later used in recycled art workshops, also a part of the Film Festival.

    As a result of the outstanding response from student participants for whom the activity provided a space for reflection and an empirical experience on the effects of pollution, the coastal cleanup project has become a permanent fixture within the Festival’s program of community activities.

  • “El Mogote Cleanup” Environmental Excursion
    Province: Jarabacoa (Cordillera Central)

    “El Mogote Cleanup” Environmental Excursion

    Friday, September 7th at 4:00 PM
    Province: Jarabacoa (Cordillera Central)

    A total of 125 young people from the more than 500 students who took part in the five Pico Duarte expeditions - a DREFF collaboration with mountain climber Karim Mella and Siempre Más Foundation – will be chosen as leaders to participate in the environmental excursion “El Mogote Limpio,” along with the Vida Azul Foundation.

    The students will have the opportunity to camp out at the American School of Santo Domingo, where they will enjoy a screening of the documentary film Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey and participate in a discussion on the impact of human beings on the environment. In the morning, they will be transported to Jarabacoa municipality, in the middle of the Cordillera Central mountain range, where they will undertake a cleanup project that will take them to the top of “El Mogote” with its spectacular views and vast diversity of exquisite flora and fauna.

    In addition to reinforcing the values they acquired during the expeditions to Pico Duarte, the objective of this excursion is to encourage positive actions in defense of the environment through community work.

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