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The Municipal Palace of Salcedo Debuts As DREFF Venue With EcoFilm Children’s Shorts

septiembre 15, 2016

Salcedo – The Municipal Palace of Salcedo served for the first time as a venue for the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF). In collaboration with the Provincial Technical Office of Salcedo, the sixth edition of the Festival presented a program of children’s short films from EcoFilm for a diverse audience of nearly 50 children and adults, who enjoyed screenings of PETer PlásticoTravesía, Bienvenido a la tierraEl agua de la tierra, and Donde vive Jobito.

After the screenings, Gabriela Márquez, GFDD International Programs coordinator and DREFF Panels coordinator, alongside Roberto Codazzi, director of the Provincial Technical Office, held a Q&A session to comment on the shorts and seek out opinions and solutions on the environmental issues seen in the films and how those solutions could be adapted to daily life. The audience actively participated in the discussion and offered ideas on how they themselves could improve sustainability and be more responsible with natural resources.

Codazzi confirmed his interest in continuing to spread the message of the shorts throughout the whole province, and stressed the enormous importance of everyone, from youngest to oldest, protecting our natural resources and continuing to develop new alternatives that are friendly to the environment.

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