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September 13-18, 2016

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US - 2014

Antibiotics were first massed‐produced in the 1940s. Their ability to fight and kill bacteria revolutionized medicine and had profound effects on everything from agriculture to war. After less than 80 years, however, these miracle drugs are failing.

Resistant infections kill hundreds of thousands of people each year, and there are now dozens of so‐called Superbugs. How did this happen? Using microscopic footage, harrowing personal stories, and expert insights, Resistance clarifies the problem of antibiotic resistance, how we got to this point, and what we can do to turn the tide.

Director Bio
Michael Graziano founded small‐r in 2014. Prior to small‐r, Michael was a partner at Uji Films where he helped create original films and commissioned work for a number of clients including Al Jazeera, The Tribune Company, WIRED, and more.

Recently, Michael directed the feature documentary Resistance (2014).  Prior to Uji Michael was a PhD Candidate in film and media studies at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL .

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Director: Michael Graziano
Country: USA
Year: 2014
Duration: 73 min
Language: English


  • Wednesday, September 9 - 10:00 AM
    UNIBE - Santo Domingo
  • Thursday, September 10 - 7:00 PM
    Centro León
    Santiago de los Caballeros

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