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September 13-18, 2016

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Activism 2.0

Canada - 2014

Daughter of Greenpeace’s first president, filmmaker Emily Hunter embarks on a personal journey to find a new generation of activists. She goes underground with a group called ‘The Black Fish’ as they employ unconventional tactics to protect the Mediterranean Sea. Doing things differently, the activists attempt to track illegal fishing operations using controversial drone technology.

Director Bio
Emily Hunter is an independent filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. Born into the environmental movement, her father was the first president of Greenpeace, the late Robert Hunter. For nearly a decade Emily has documented from the frontlines of environmental battles, from the high seas of Antarctica with the notorious group Sea Shepherd to UN climate summits. She has directed and produced four TV­documentaries on MTV Canada and TVO on social change issues. She is a world­renowned speaker, including a recent talk on TEDx and a character in the upcoming film How to Change the World (2015) by Jerry Rothwel, which is also a part of the DREFF program this year. Activism 2.0 is an adaptation of her book The Next Eco­Warriors, published in 2011.

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Director: Emily Hunter
Country: Canada
Year: 2014
Duration: 18 min
Language: English


  • Thursday, September 10 - 10:00 AM
    Instituto Iberia
    Santiago de los Caballeros
  • Sunday, September 13 - 10:00 AM
    Santo Domingo

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