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Discover La Vega:
Pride of my Land

Title (Spanish): Descubre La Vega: Orgullo de mi tierra
Title (English): Discover La Vega: Pride of my Land
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Year of Completion: 2012
Duration: 46 minutes
Format: DVD
Language: Spanish, English and French

Friday 09/07/2012 -- 7:00 PM Saturday 09/08/2012 -- 5:00 PM

Fortaleza de San Felipe
Puerto Plata

FUNGLODE Auditorium
Santo Domingo

II Muestra de Cine Medioambiental Dominicana, 5-9 de Septiembre 2012

Film SynopsisThis documentary recreates the religious beliefs, folkloric manifestations, natural diversity, history and cuisine of the province of a La Vega and its municipalities, which include La Vega, Jarabacoa, Constanza and Jima Abajo.

Film Credits:

Director: Máximo José Rodríguez
Scriptwriter: Dagoberto Tejeda
Producer: Lisette Fernández Brugal
Director of Photography:
Máximo José Rodríguez
Editor: Pedro Justiniano

Director's Biography:

As a distinguished Dominican filmmaker, Mr. Rodríguez has been a major developer of audiovisuals in the Dominican Republic throughout his 40 years of experience, beginning in the 1970s.

From 1980 to 2005, he was President of the Cineacción S.A. film production house. He is currently Director General of Marketing Lab, Films S.R.L. and the Fundación Memoria de Nación.

La Fundación Memoria de Nación is the not-for-profit, scientifically-collected visual and artistic register that seeks, for pedagogical goals, to contribute to the education, discovery and reassessment of our heritage, our roots, the most important manifestations of our popular culture, folklore, natural history, spirituality and our diversity with the objective of disseminating all of this by means of audiovisual and other forms of communication so that this educational process extends to and includes all forms of Dominican education and training, public, private and community, to form a collective national project.

To date, the Foundation has produced 30 audiovisuals of various genres about Dominican culture, which seek to rescue our values as a nation for the sake of preserving our identity. Documentaries produced to date include: Valle Nuevo: Madre de las Aguas, Descubre Samaná: Orgullo de mi tierra, Descubre Barahona-Pedernales: Orgullo de mi tierra, Entre Islas: Hilo de Supervivencia and Cinco Siglos de Adviento, among others.

  • Community in Action!
    Supporting grassroots organizations and communities
    Among the goals of the DR Environmental Film Festival (DREFF), is to include and support grassroots organizations and communities, schools and young people in general.

  • Marcos Diaz
    A real Universal Community leader and spokesman for the core values of the UN Millennium Development Goals as it is the Dominican swimmer Marcos Diaz. He will meet a group of youth, who will have a swimming competition, at La Caleta. The expected goals of this activity is to offer an opportunity to youth of disadvantaged areas to interact with Marcos, and to get a better understanding for the role model that Marcos represents for Dominicans and the rest of the world, as well as a better understanding of the sea and this protected area of La Caleta.

    For more details about Marcos Diaz visit Dominican Get-Together in the Big Apple

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