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In Organic We Trust

Title (Spanish): In Organic We Trust
Title (English): In Organic We Trust
Country of Origin: USA
Year of Completion: 2012
Duration: 82 minutes
Format: DVD
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish

Thursday 09/06/2012 -- 5:00 PM Friday 09/07/2012 -- 6:30 PM

Universidad Católica Nordestana (UCNE)
San Francisco de Macorís

Auditorio del Centro Cultural Perelló

II Muestra de Cine Medioambiental Dominicana, 5-9 de Septiembre 2012

Film SynopsisIn Organic We Trust is an eye-opening food documentary that follows Director/Producer Kip Pastor on a personal journey to answer commonly asked questions about organic food: What exactly is organic? Is it really better or just a marketing scam?

The film digs deep with farmers, organic certifiers, scientists, and organic critics to explore the content beneath the label and the truth behind the marketing. It takes a balanced approach to clear up misconceptions about organic food while highlighting practical solutions that are transforming the way we grow and eat.

Along the way, Kip learns that what began as a grassroots movement of small-scale farmers has turned into a $30 billion industry. Small, diversified organic farms have been replaced by large corporate operations and the “certified organic” label has become a marketing tool. The film reveals that in spite of the corporatization of organic, the original grassroots philosophy is making a comeback in many innovative forms.

Film Credits:

Directed and Written by: Kip Pastor
Producers: Emma Fletcher and Kip Pastor
Cinematographer: Todd Banhazl, Jeff Bierman and Autumn Durald
Editors: John-Michael Powell and Yoni Reiss

Director's Biography:

Having traveled and explored extensively, Kip finds inspiration in places outside of his comfort zone. After graduating cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania, he worked at a major law firm in Washington, DC, the Wildlife Conservation Society in Vientiane, Laos, as an international trade consultant in Mexico City, and in Maryland doing development and post-production work for a History Channel show.  Kip received his Masters in Fine Arts degree from the American Film Institute, and then became the Program Manager at Meaningful Media in Los Angeles.  Later, he formed Pasture Pictures, Inc. As a storyteller, Kip is an award-winning director and producer. He has produced many nationally broadcast commercials, directed the feature documentary IN ORGANIC WE TRUST, produced and written several short films that have played on television and all over the world, and a number of music videos.

He has written articles that have been published in the Miami Herald, Christian Science Monitor, and Huffington Post.  Kip has appeared on ABC7 News, NPR, various radio shows, has spoken at dozens of festivals, screenings, and conferences. Committed to creating narrative and documentary films that inspire change and increase understanding, he believes that filmmaking is the most effective medium to disseminate big ideas.

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