GFDD Film “Garbage or Resource? A Dominican Republic Experience” to be Shown at Festival 2015: Green Unplugged

Wednesday June 24th, 2015

The prizewinning GFDD short film “Garbage or Resource? A Dominican Republic Experience” has been selected to screen at the online Green Unplugged Festival, and will be available on the Culture Unplugged website from June to December 2015. This global online festival promotes restoring the wholeness of the environment through film.

Natasha Despotovic, Executive Director at GFDD and creator of “Garbage or Resource? A Dominican Republic Experience”, says “Our vision is to create documentary films of social, environmental and cultural content that promote sustainable development in the Dominican Republic and around the world.” Following its successful screening as an official selection in thirteen international festivals, the film has won three prestigious international awards in 2014, including Best Documentary at the Green Lens Environmental Film Festival, 2nd Place Fan Coral Award at the Reef Renaissance Film Festival, and Best Documentary at the Miami Short Film Festival.

According to their mission statement, Green Unplugged is “a festival that aspires not only to witness the regeneration of the environment, but also to contemplate upon integral spiritual values which form our relationship with Mother Earth and fellow species.” Green Unplugged is an opportunity to reflect upon our collective conscious and the present human impulse that is participating in life’s creation process. With this event, the goal is to “envision what may help us harmonize our living and being—with authentic nature within and without.”

About the short film

“Garbage or Resource” was created in 2013 and explores the more than 340 open-air landfills which can be found in the Dominican Republic. These landfills have become highly-concentrated areas of air and water pollution and are an unseen danger for every Dominican. Fortunately, the country is witnessing cultural changes that are creating initiatives that convert this problem into an opportunity for development. The message is clear: trash is no longer just trash, it now has value. The film depicts how recycling has become an important economic opportunity for Dominicans. Through various corporate and educational projects, the viewer observes how—aside from the obvious environmental benefits—recycling enables economic development through the generation of new companies and industries.

To watch the video on GFDD’s YouTube channel:

The film will be available to view at Culture Unplugged online, along with others, until December 2015.

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