¡Stop! Rodando el Cambio


Stop! Rodando el Cambio is a collectively funded documentary produced by a team of women. For a month they travelled throughout Spain and France, in search of alternative lifestyles that were more respectful towards the environment and the people that inhabit it. The theory of de-growth on which the documentary is based warns us that it is not possible to go on producing at the current rate in a planet with finite resources. The current levels of consumption have led us to the disappearance of forests, to polluted rivers and oceans, to toxic food systems…. all brought on by financial speculation and a political class unconcerned with social and environmental issues. How much longer can we wait for a global paradigm shift? Is it possible to live happily while drastically reducing our needs?

Title: Stop! Rodando el Cambio
Country of Origin: Spain
Year of completion: 2014
Duration: 97 min.
Format: DVD
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish

Film Credits:
Director/Writer: Alba González de Molina Soler, Blanca Ordóñez de Tena
Producers: La Semilla
Photography: Irene Tomé Magán, Alba González de Molina Soler, Paula Pérez-Cossio Arias, Blanca Ordóñez de Tena
Editor: Blanca Ordóñez de Tena, Alba González de Molina Soler, Paula Pérez-Cossio Arias

Screening at:

  • September 11, 2014
    3:00 PM
    San Francisco de Macorís, Sala Principal Teatro UCNE
  • September 12, 2014
    7:00 PM
    Samaná, Hotel Villa Serena, Las Galeras

Biography of Director, Blanca Ordóñez de Tena & Alba González de Molina Soler:

stop_directorBlanca Ordóñez de Tena and Alba González de Molina Soler obtained their degrees in Audiovisual Communications from Facultad de Ciencias de la Información in 2012. During their school years they directed numerous shorts and feature films, many of which were co-written and co-directed. Their films include short documentaries Juventud Sin Futuro; winner of the third prize at IV Certamen de Cortometraje Express de CCOO and Cuando Mueres Más de Una Vez, as well as their first feature documentary Stop! Rodando el CambioJulie, their first fiction feature film is currently in preproduction.

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