Discover Puerto Plata: Pride of My Land

The 47 minute documentary film Discover Puerto Plata: Pride of My Land,
produced by Centro Cuesta Nacional and executed by the Memorias de Nación Foundation, manages to recreate the religious beliefs, folkloric manifestations, cultural diversity, architecture, history and gastronomy of the Puerto Plata province.

Original Title: Orgullo de mi tierra: Descubre Puerto Plata
English Title: Discover Puerto Plata: Pride of My Land
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Year of completion: 2014
Duration: 47 min.
Format: DVD/BluRay
Language: Spanish, English, French

Film Credits:
Director: Máximo José Rodríguez
Producer: Lisette Fernández Brugal
Director of Photography: Máximo José Rodríguez
Editor: Pedro Justiniano

Screening at:

  • September 12, 2014
    7:00 PM
    San Juan de la Maguana, Centro Cultural Monina Cámpora
  • September 13, 2014
    7:00 PM
    Puerto Plata, Parque Central

Biography of Director Máximo José Rodríguez:

Dominican Máximo José Rodríguez is a renowned director, cinematographer and experienced publicity campaign director in his country. He has launched vital local and international publicity campaigns. He is founding director of the Dominican Republic’s Memoria de Nación Foundation.


He has been honored with innumerable awards in his career, including, among others, Honorable Mention in Cannes Festival as cinematographer of Guagasi; Honorable Mention in short film category in the Paris Biennal for Lumiantena, and Honorable Mention in the first Video Clip St Tropez Festival in France for the short film Las pausas del silencio. He has also received numerous national awards and won several photography contests.

His many documentaries include Santo Domingo: Una Ciudad de Encantos; Ingenio Diego Caballero; Los Toros Ofrenda del Cristo de Bayaguana; Los Látigos del Sol; El San Antonio Negro de los Guillén; Descubre La Vega: Orgullo de mi tierra, and most recently, Cordillera Central Dominicana.

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