Original title: Valor vital
    Title (English): Value of Life
    Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
    Year of completion: 2015
    Duration: 21 min and 36 sec
    Format: DVD
    Language: Spanish
    Subtitles: English; Italian.

  • Historically, little value is placed on natural capital when looking at growth equations and socioeconomic development. It is difficult for big businesses, and more so for ordinary people, to quantify the significance of natural resources and make the value of nature tangible in our daily lives. The new Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) production responds to those questions: How much is the natural capital of the Dominican Republic worth? How do we put a price on the ecosystem the planet has given us and that allows us to survive?

    Directors: Natasha Despotovic and Alexandra Tabar
    Executive production: Natasha Despotovic
    Production: Alexandra Tabar
    Associate producers: Miryam López, María Victoria Abreu and Marc Jourdan
    Production Assistance: Reydi Moreta
    Director of Photography: Angel Castellanos
    Screenplay: Natasha Despotovic, Alexandra Tabar and Miryam López
    Camera: Angel Castellanos and Jesús Frías
    Aerial Camera: CrossFilms
    Post production and Editing: Angel Castellanos and Ramón Cabrera
    Animation: Sergio Díaz
    Logistics Support: Semiramis De Miranda, Yamile Eusebio, Omar Shamir Reynoso and Reyna Mendoza

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May 2016

UASD Environmental Law and Management Students Learn About Environmental Challenges and Best Practices in the Dominican Republic through the GFDD Short Value of Life

The Lawyers Association for the Protection of the Environment (INSAPROMA for its acronym in Spanish), in coordination with FUNIBER and within the framework of the DREFF’s program Year Round Environmental Film Screenings, screened at Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), GFDD/Funglode latest production Value of Life. Directed by Natasha Despotovic, the documentary features the importance of the natural value of the Dominican Republic and the main challenges the country is facing to achieve socioeconomic sustainability, as well as some of the best practices being applied in the area.

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Un grupo de niños de la Escuela Hogar del Niño presentó con mucho entusiasmo los frutos del huerto casero que hace unos meses plantaron, bajo la asesoría de Cristiana Cruz Minier, coordinadora del programa EcoHuertos, una iniciativa de GFDD/Funglode.

Fabien Cousteau
Director General

Director's Bio

Natasha Despotovic is the director of the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF) and the executive director of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD), a US non profit organization. A national of Croatia and the Dominican Republic, Natasha currently lives in the Washington DC metro area and divides her working time between Washington DC, New York and the Dominican Republic . Following an academic background in Philosophy and Spanish, French and English literature and linguistics, Natasha has had an extensive and diverse international career in which she has held-high level positions in the private, public, non-governmental and multilateral sectors in Europe, the Dominican Republic and the United States. Her professional experience is very expansive and ranges from teaching, writing, translation, film production, architecture, interior design and holistic health to business management, public relations, marketing, international development, international affairs and non-profit management. At GFDD she leads numerous international sustainable development programs as well as book publishing and filmmaking projects. In her free time, she continues to operate her hotel property Villa Serena in the Dominican Republic and practices as a yoga and mediation teacher and homeopath.

Alexandra Tabar Born in the Dominican Republic, Alex has also lived in Barcelona, Miami and finally was adopted by New York City in 2008. She majored in Advertising and completed her Masters Degree in Media Production. In more than 10 years she has developed a diverse portfolio, with projects spanning from entertainment to educational content for web, mobile, video/on-air and print.

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