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Supporting the creation of organic and sustainable vegetable gardens in schools and communities throughout the Dominican Republic


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  • Create sustainable and productive garden systems using organic methods.
  • Support, the natural science curriculum in schools through experimental activities.
  • Provide students a space for recreation, relaxation and physical activity.
  • Create awareness, of the importance of a balanced diet through practical means.
  • Teach students how to recycle organic matter into compost for use as an organic fertilizer for their gardens.
  • Provide technical and hands-on workshops to enrich the knowledge base of students and ensure the creation of sustainable gardens.

Step 1
Pick a good spot

What if you don't have a good spot?
There are other options such
as raised flowerbeds

Step 2
Prepare your subsoil

Black soil and some pine,
moss and coconut shell...

Step 3
Let's plant some seeds

Keep an eye on your plants as they germinate

Step 4
Harvest time!

Wash and eat what has grown in the garden….now what's next?