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September 11, 2015

Valor Vital Screened to Enthralled Primary School Students in San Juan de la Maguana

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GFDD/Funglode held a screening of Valor Vital at the Centro Cultural Monina Campora in San Juan de la Maguana on Wednesday September 9 at 10AM. The screening, which took place as part of the fifth edition of the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF –, was held before a packed audience of over 110 primary school and high school students from two schools: Escuela Mercedes Consurlo Matos, and  Escuela Francisco del Rosario Sánchez.

The screening sought to educate the students about the importance of natural resources and the value of nature in our daily lives. During the activity the delighted students were introduced to several key environmental concepts such as climate change and renewable energy (including hydroelectricity and solar energy), and were given the opportunity to share their views on the film and the topics discussed with Marc Jourdan, GFDD’s UN Representative & Environmental Programs Coordinator.

Marc provided words of welcome thanking Centro Cultural Monina Campora for hosting the screening and discussing with the students their understanding of renewable energy and why it is important to preserve our planet.

Mitu, a student from Escuela Mercedes Consurlo Matos, explained “We need to learn to recycle. If we recycle we are helping to support the earth so that it doesn’t undergo a metamorphosis.” She stressed that “To do that we need to make sure we don’t just throw away trash.”

Jackeline Munta Erosión, a teacher from the school, emphasized this point by noting that “The planet is in a critical state and we need to find solutions.  If we all take action then we can ensure we live in a better world.”

About Valor Vital
Historically, little value is placed on natural capital when looking at growth equations and socioeconomic development. It is difficult for big businesses, and more so for ordinary people, to quantify the significance of natural resources and make the value of nature tangible in our daily lives. The new GFDD production responds to those questions: How much is the natural capital of the Dominican Republic worth? How do we put a price on the ecosystem the planet has given us and that allows us to survive?

About the Festival
Since its creation in 2011, the Dominican Environmental Film Festival – an initiative of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and Funglode (Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo) – provides the Dominican public with a platform for knowledge and discussion on the environment and sustainable development, its challenges and best practices, as well as a way to celebrate the beauty and unique diversity of the Dominican natural environment.

With a variety of films to choose from and many panels, workshops, seminars and community activities, the DREFF promotes dialogue and the exchange of knowledge and experience, inspiring the Dominican public to act in a way that contributes to the appreciation, conservation and sustainable use of environmental resources.

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