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September 11, 2015

Short Films Program for Children Kicks Off DREFF in Constanza

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Screenings at the Constanza Casa de la Cultura were inaugurated by short films “El Cambio,” “Once Upon a Tree,” and “The Flight

(Santo Domingo, September 10, 2015) Celebrating good practices for the protection of the environment, nearly 150 elementary school students from Villa Pinales School, Gastón Fernando Polytechnic, and Alegría and Montessori Schools enjoyed several short films on Wednesday September 9th, including “El Cambio,” “Once Upon a Tree,” and “The Flight.

The activity, held at the Casa de la Cultura of Constanza, inaugurated the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF) in that city, and sought to encourage children to make appropriate decisions that will contribute to environmental care and protection.

The short film, “El Cambio,” is about a small town being disrupted by a mysterious machine that causes major climate changes. “Once Upon a Tree” is about an 11-year-old girl who thinks up a way to get people to stop chopping down trees. “The Flight” explores the possibility of two very different worlds that are a direct result of the decisions we make and whether they are matters pertaining to us or to our children.

Following the screenings, the students participated in a learning discussion on ecosystems and the importance of water and rivers.

Evelin de los Santos, president of Casa de la Cultura of Constanza, and Omar Shamir Reynoso, coordinator of panels for the DREFF, hosted the event. Ms. de los Santos stressed the importance of the short film program for the children because she believes in the power of children’s education of as a way to help protect the planet.

Víctor Pimentel, Municipal Director of the Environment; Diógenes Queliz,  deputy director of the Board of Educational of Constanza; Evelin Mejia, of the National Council for Children and Adolescence (CONANI); and Rafael Torre, president of CORA VEGA all took part in the film screening.

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