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The environment has been at the forefront of GFDD/FUNGLODE’s mission since its very beginnings. The Foundation’s work in the development of national and international networks, the discussion of pressing issues, training programs that have brought national experts together with the most prominent international leaders in the field, comes to fruition now with the creation of an Environmental Film Festival as a natural addition to its environmental program.
GFDD/FUNGLODE embraces the creation of this new initiative with high expectations particularly to reach out to the youth of the Dominican Republic, opening a world of beauty, information, inspiration and pride to them.

The Festival will provide youth and general audiences the opportunity to watch the best and most beautiful, informative and educational environmental international films of the year, to learn about the pressing issues, to appreciate and value the diversity and beauty the country has to offer and, hopefully, inspire greater environmental stewardship. The biodiversity crisis, sustainable production and consumption, water, climate change, urbanism, poverty and the state of fisheries are some of the themes the selected films will address and bring to Dominican audiences, along with the opportunity to meet the producers, directors, researchers, adventurers, and explorers. The Festival will offer ample opportunities for audiences to interact with leading figures in the environmental community and possibly collaborate on national and international programs that make a difference.


DREFF aims to raise awareness and deepen the understanding of environmental issues among Dominican audiences. At the same time, the Festival celebrates the beauty and diversity of the Dominican Republic’s natural heritage and offers insights into attitudes and actions that will contribute to its appreciation, conservation and sustainable use.


By screening a diverse selection of high quality films that deal with pressing issues, and by organizing discussion panels with environmental experts, filmmakers and other stakeholders, the Festival seeks to promote dialogue and inspire Dominican audiences to adopt practices that will ensure the country’s environmental sustainability and health.


By bringing together youth, scholars, experts, activists, filmmakers, representatives of the public and private sector, non-governmental enthusiasts, as well as wide audiences from all walks of life, the Festival promotes programs and projects that contribute to environmental protection, conservation and sustainability.


Honorary President
Leonel Fernández


International Advisor Committee
Debbie Kinder
Charlotte Vick




Natasha Despotovic 


Institutional Relations Director
Asunción Sanz

Digital Media & Print Material Director
Semiramis de Miranda

Chief Operator Officer
Yamile Eusebio

Programming Director
Emy Rodriguez

Financial Director
Ramón Cruz


Filmmaker Liaison
Kerry Stefancy

Filmmaker Liaison Assistant

Mandy Sciachitano

Panels Coordinator
Emy Rodríguez

Print Traffic
Kerry Stefancy


Panel Coordinator
Margaret Hayward


Special Events Coordinator
Janny Sánchez


Excursion Coordinators
Alicia Alonzo

Melida Ceballos


Communications Representative 
Adriana Peguero

Graphic Designer
Maria Montas

Website Designer
Ana Maria

Web Assistant
Regina Sanchez
Mabel Gonzales


Digital Media Assistant
Alexandra Tabar

Administrative Assistants
Kenia Rodriguez
Ana Marie

Anne Casalé
Apolinar Moreno

Translators of Print Material
Silvia Gutierrez
Maria Mejia


Print Copy Editor
Maria Mejia

Patricia A. Fortin


Operation Assistant

Catherine Florentino

Marielly Gallardo
Arsenia Miranda

Maria Victoria Acosta

School Outreach
Paúl Goris

Ground Transportation
Marielly Gallardo

General Support
Esmelda Abreu
Leonesa Méndez
Reyna Mendoza (Santiago)



Esperanza Verde

With support and Collaboration from
Instituto Global de Multimedia (IGM) y Departamiento Audiovisual de FUNGLODE / Visual Department

Santiago Coordinator

José D'Laura


Cultural Representatives in:
Santiago: Centro Cultural Leon Jemenes

Santo Domingo: Ministry of Culture,

Consejo Nacional para el Cambio Climatico